Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Have I got a treat for you! You don’t even have to read to love this book. Just look at the pictures. (Which, may I remind you, most preschool kids do.) I got this from the Iowa City Public library.
 Ice by Arthur Geisert.
Honestly, I had no idea of where the story was going when I began. (I like to be surprised, don’t you?)
 I’ll get you started. On a teeny tiny dot of an island lives, you guessed it, a colony of pigs. There’s a ship, a few shelters, and a reservoir with a little water. The pigs are hot, and so bothered, that they launch their ship in search of…icebergs.

He’s written lots of others, so just walk to the “G” (for Geisert) section in picture books for more.

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