Sunday, June 16, 2013

Recs for Anyone Who reads books to kids on Skype or Facetime

Have you ever read a book to a two-year old using Skype or Facetime? You’re sneaking peeks at the text, and at the same time, jiggling the pictures into focus. By the time you finish, you’re exhausted and your audience is long gone.
After many months of failure, I’ve finally found books that entertain for 32 pages!
The first book I’m recommending is an oldie-but-goodie. It’s The Story of Little Babaji,  by Helen Bannerman. The story is simple and the artwork rich and detailed. In short, Babaji outsmarts four ferocious tigers. The silly tigers chase each other round and round a tree until there’s nothing left but puddles of melted butter. Who comes along and collects it? Babji’s father, of course. In the end, everyone has a pile of Mamaji’s  pancakes, topped with tasty tiger butter.

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