Friday, October 10, 2014

Thank you, Mistee Dawn of Giveaways and Glitter blog for the following book review!

Mistee's  REVIEW:

This book was so fun to read with my daughter. Although my daughter can sometimes be a bit of a chicken when it comes to scary stories (so can I, haha!), we both thought these were lighthearted and funny enough to not make them super scary. This book is recommended for children 8 to 12. And you can let them read it or read it out loud with them. It is a great book for people that aren't into reading all that much because it is only 86 pages long. And it is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. 

This book tells you all about bogeymen from around the world, with fictional stories mixed in about each one. Like the Tengu from Japan, who is a mountain goblin that likes to play tricks. Or the Duppy from Jamaica that is very creepy. There are actually three different kinds of duppies who are all pretty creepy, but very fun to read about. 

This book is a very thrilling mix of spooky and fun. And usually, all of the stories have a very good moral for children, Listen To Your Parents! What parent could argue with that??!? The book is very interesting, entertaining and fun to read. It is the right amount of spooky, in my opinion. It is very well-written and just the right length for a child of 8 to 12 years. AND this is the perfect time of year for you to check out this book!! I urge you to do so! 

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