Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What if you lived in a world of deception and trickery? Depending on what you eat or drink, you could hallucinate, lose your memories or your mind. You can’t show your feelings, for you were born with a blank face. In fact, learning expressions is a luxury that only the rich can afford.  However, since the underground Caverna rulers assassinate anyone who threatens their power, it’s better to be able to hide your feelings. Neverfell, though, was born with a face that hides nothing. With her face like glass, she’s a prize every ruling family wants. Will they kill her, imprison her, or manipulate her?

It may be rated YA, but I’d recommend for MG’s, too. It’s a detailed fantasy, a coming of age story, and after a slow beginning, a compelling read.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Murder’s Ape: the odyssey of an ape named Sally Jones, whose owner is accused of killing a  small time crook. This isn’t a fast paced who dunnit, so be prepared to meet many fun, funny and fascinating characters as the story meanders from Portugal to England to London to Egypt  to India. Sally Jones tells the story from her very intelligent point of view, which makes the journey unique and exciting. It’s an award winner in Scandinavia, and I can understand why.

Though listed as YA, it’s appropriate for MG’s.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Between Two Skies
Joanne O’Sullivan

This is a love letter to Louisiana, its bayous, shrimpers and teenagers. You’d expect a hurricane story to focus on the raging storm, but Between Two Skies shares the lives of the Riley family before and after Katrina. 16-year-old Evangeline loves Bayou Perdu, shrimping, and life in general. She meets Tru, son of another fisherman just before Katrina hits.  Then, everything is blown apart by the storm. Between Two Skies shares how life can be changed for the good or for the worse after a disaster. And, if you’ve forgotten, what it’s like to fall in love. While it’s rated  YA, it would be a great read for Middle Graders.