Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AND NOW for something completely different!

For years, I’ve recommended good reads for kids at schools, libraries,
and conferences.* Now I can do it here!
So every week or so, I’ll tell you about the last best book I’ve read. I’ll keep it short, so you’ll have more time to read my favorites.

Ta Daa! The first:

The Knee Bone Boy by Ellen Potter
Please don’t judge this book by its cover, unless you’re a fan of saucer eyed anime kids.

The Hardscrabble kids(mute Otto, “take-charge” Lucia and clever Max) would be right at home with the Pevensie kids from The The Chronicles of Narnia and the Drews from the Dark is Rising.The problems facing the Hardscrabble kids aren’t supernatural, but they are just as suspenseful. A missing mother, an absent Dad, and an adventure in a miniature castle with a dotty aunt…that’s exciting. Oh, who is the Kneebone Boy? I’m not telling.

Boys and Girls
Upper Elementary to Middle Grade
*Why listen to me? I have a Master’s in Reading, have been a children’s bookseller,
am a Writer’s Digest  judge, author (Monsters and Water Beasts, Henry Holt), and most important, a “Book Gobbler!”
By the way, no one pays me to review their book. So, I might not recommend a best seller. I just applaud good writing.