Tuesday, November 8, 2016

by Barbara O'Connor

Do you want to get inside the head of an 11 year-old troublemaker? Read Wish by Barbara O’Connor. Eleven-year-old Charlie makes a wish every day. However, it doesn’t seem to be working. Her Daddy’s in jail because of his quick temper and her Mama’s in bed behind of wall of empty soda cans. When the state takes Charlie away, they place her with family she barely knows. Charlie pushes away friendship and love, but no one gives up on her. It’s a poignant story about love and hope, but it’s also hilarious! There’s lots of dry humor and plays on words.  And, there’s the lady who dries her giant underpants by tying them to her car antenna and driving around town. Does Charlie get her wish? Of course! But I’ll bet you won’t have guessed what she wished for.

Upper Elementary and Middle School
Strong female and male characters

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Those Darn Squirrels Fly South

by Adam Rubin 
Artwork by Daniel Salmiere

There’s a Mr. Fookwire in every neighborhood. He’s a solitary grump who likes only one thing: painting the birds in his backyard. Oh, Mr. Fookwire has lots of hates. He hates the squirrels who eat the birds’ food and outwit his diabolical squirrel traps.  He hates it when the birds fly south and leave him behind. What do those darn squirrels do? They hatch a plan for themselves so they can fly south, too! The two reasons for him to get up ion the morning, his loves and hates, have left.  What’s a man to do? Go south! There are three books about Mr. Fookwire and those “darn squirrels,” each filled with surprising humor and wry jokes. Note to Adult Reader: See who guesses first that Mr. Fookwire has a carrot for a nose. You or a three-year old?

Great for Skype, Facetime and laps!