Sunday, January 27, 2013

MIcaville Monsters

Shadow Thief
I am  a nice monster. All I ever wanted to do was to be with my wife. We live in the shadows in a graveyard.  I am a dead king. I only eat animals. I fight bad monsters with my super sharp teeth. My wife and I are like cops. One of us has a sheriff's badge. I do want to make a friend.

My Story
I was a human. I died with my wife. We fought to live together. I do not know my age.
I was inspired by ...the movie Twilight!

My monster's name is Fribel. My monster is pretty big and 5 feet tall. The fribel is the shape of the bee and the color is green like slime and red like flames. He eats birds because he flies. He's got an orange body and yellow wings. He doesn't ever sleep because he is scaring people. 
My monster is mean and scary.The first reason why he's scary is because he eats humans. He kills them by stinging them. He breathes fire, that kills them, too. Another reason is because he looks abnormal. He's hunted because he is an assassin.

My monster's name is Ewige and she is nice.  He is about 10 feet tall and round and black. He eats bats, snails, lizards and people. He stays cold by drinking water. He sleeps in a cave. My monster is scary because he eats people. Since he stays cold in the cave he doesn't get to eat many people. So, if you happen to be in the world, look for wings and watch out for the cave. Listen for a growl and be on the lookout for Ewige!

My monster's name is Stoner. He lives in the mountains in a cave. He eats insects and snakes. He's as tall as a teenager. He's not scary, just shy. He has a fox head and a raccoon tail. 

You know the old saying, "scared by your own shadow?" This is where the saying comes from.
My monster is the size of its victim. My monster is super sharp. He eats the color out of his host.  It is an extremely painful procedure. He eats the whole victim, and also, he eats molten lava.
First of all, he comes out at sunset so he is always behind his host. Also, because of that, no one knows what he looks like. 
He sleeps in the mantle of the earth. Again, he's shaped like his host. He's usually black, but when he eats color, he quickly turns the color he just ate. 
My monster is creepy because he takes the shape of a shadow, eats color, and drinks lava.

My monster's name is Lilly. My monster is as tall as an air condenser. She has a round head and is pink and green and polka dot. My monster eats leaves, worms and grass. Because she lives in nature, she doesn't sleep. She stays up all night with her eyes not closed. My monster is nice because she's a sweet flower. She will not hurt anyone. When people are lost in nature, Lilly will help them. 

Killer Mermaids
The Mermaid of the Carudeun
My monster doesn't have a name. My monster is as big as a swordfish.My monster has the shape of a human and fish. The colors are like the flesh of a human and has the tail of a fish. The colors have green, blue, and gold. It eats...humans! It lives n the ocean and can breathe air and water.  They sleep on the ocean floor in caves and have very sharp hearing. People have reason to fear them. They sink boats, eat people and have fangs. No person has said they've ever seen them. The ones who see them get eaten. 
But one woman was in a lighthouse. She saw her ship get attacked. It sunk with everyone on board. She walked to a town and told them. But they did not believe her. She didn't know she was telling the truth. Another ship sailed to the middle of the ocean. That ship started to sink. The mermaids started to pull all the men in the water and drown them. They ate them. She was the last survivor.

My monster's name is Stonesong. She lives in the ocean. She eats sea shells, hermit crabs, and sea weed. My monster is the height of a person.  Her shape is skinny. She is five foot 5 inches. My monster sleep at the bottom of the ocean. My monster is scary because she turns people to stone. She creeps up on people. When people go in the ocean, they never come back up. She can turn people to stone by singing. My monster waits for people in a crack in the ocean floor.

A story with no picture

Hello, my name is MURV USA. I eat clams stuffed with worms. I live in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. I become people then turn them to stone. I have a big pink tail. I have green wings, also. If a predator comes to me, I fli[p my tail and knock them in the deep. I live in Atlantis. My father is a vulture/mermaid. My mother is Medusa. I am happy to be a mer-vulture. One last scary fact about me is that my hair is made out of snakes. I must tell you  how much I weigh. I weigh 100 pounds.

Cole is a human being that lives in a volcano and he is like 
a human that is made of fire. He has super speed, so if he gets hungry he can break into your house. If you try to stop him, you should  use his opposite, water. He'll get to where ever you will go first. Then he'll write your name is scorch marks.

My monster Fishhead eats anything than can get his hands on. He can breathe in the water. He can shapeshift into a tuna fish.My monster hates boats. He attacks and sinks them. Then, he leaves the people behind. He has dragon wings so he can fly and hit the boat and make holes in it.

Once upon a time there was a girl vampire bat. And it sucked blood out of people until they were completely dead. And all of a sudden I found out she had a special type of venom that kills people, too. It's called MTKP, it  stands for "medicine that kills people."

Bonecruncher flies around looking for people to crunch on. He flies by and swoops people off the ground and eats them. He has an orange shirt so hunters will not shoot him.

My monster is as big as a school bus standing up. Slender man's shape is skinny. His color is white and black and red. He eats meat from people. He stays warm because he wears a tuxedo. He doesn't sleep because he has no face. People are afraid of him because he eats people and is tall and has stingers. He lives in the woods.

My monster is 2 feet long, and is thin. She's green, blue and purple. She easts small fish, insects, small weeds. She eats fish because she lives in the water. She is warm blooded. She sleeps in an underwater cave.

My monster's name is viperflower. He eats people. You never notice him because he lives on the ground.He snatches people by their legs. He also eats flowers and butterflies.  He'll eat anything unless it has colors that he likes. He wants to be more beautiful. Remember, never go to where he is, because in one minute, it's dinner time! He'll unhinge his mouth and you will walk right into it. You might hear the legend of viperflower. 

My monster's name is Bullman. He lives in the woods. He is nine feet tall. He eats meat. He stays warm because he wears a long coat. He never sleeps because he's the last living creature  of his kind that hadn't been butchered. He's scary because lots of people want to kill him. He runs fast and hits them with his horns. Bye bye people!

  The story:
One day Mr. Frog saw a cat on top of a tree. Mr. frog went over there and save the cat and everybody decreed he was a hero. Everybody loved him. He became famous all over the world. Then he went back to bed in his nest.
The facts:
My monster's name is Mr. Frog . He lives in grass in his nest. He is so big that he is 12 feet tall. Mr. frog is round, green, and eats bugs because he lives in the grass.My konster sleeps all the time because he sleeps in the grass to keep warm. My monster is nice because he is a superhero and he saves people from monsters and helps people solve mysteries.

My monster's name is Red Devil. He lives in the forest. He eats wild animals. He is 7 feet tall. His shape is human-like. He hides in the snow looking for animals. His color is red. He breathes fresh air. He is scary, because when you are walking, he will jump out of snow and get loud. 

My monster's name is Alian plant.  He has a face and is a big as a flag. He doesn't eat people, he eats other plants. He eats books, too. He eats corn because he lives on the earth. My monster is warm when he lives underwater.  He doesn't sleep because of all the danger. He is very scary because he eats your candy. He likes candy. If you get close, be careful, it is dinner time!

Jeepers Creepers
Last night Jeepers Creeper went out hunting for people.  He captured 10 people and ate them all at one time. Then after that he went to find some birds. He ate 30 of them.  While he was eating them, a human found him and tried to shoot him. But Jeepers Creepers got behind him and ate him!

My monster is Zamoski. He eats humans. Because he lives inside a volcano, he's scary. He destroys people's houses and is 15009 feet tall. He's very fast and is skinny. He's like a flying devil.

My monster's name is BatBear. My monster is as tall as 6 feet. My monster is shaped as a bear with wings on him. My monster is brown. My monster eats fish and berries. My monster stays warm because he has fur and wings that he wraps around himself. He sleeps in a tree upside down. He's scary because he's part bear and part bat.  My monster lives in the forest.

My monster is a Bigfoot. He wanders in the woods. He is 8 feet tall. He is skinny and brown. He eats rabbit, squirrels and deer because he lives in the woods. He made a wood house to keep himself warm. He breathes through is nose. He jumps in a pond to get cool. He sleeps on a bed of sticks. He is scary because he is big, dark and has big teeth. He is nocturnal. Some people say they have seen him. 

My monster's name is Wood Nightmare. My monster is 1,000 tall. HIs shape is weird. He's a rainbow color. He eats little kids, but not me, my family or my friends! HIs wings help him get warmed up. He sleeps n a hole. He's scary because he has different types of animal parts. He lives in the woods. He has some friends. Watch out for Wood Nightmare when you are in the woods.

My monster's name is Lizard Man.He is scary. He is 1,111.000 feet tall. He has a lizard head and big feet. He is green. He eats people. He eats alligators and bombs! He curls up and digs underground. He makes a bark blanket in a tall tree to keep himself warm. He's like Godzilla, made out of meat. Since he lives in Afghanistan, he has good stuff.

My monster's name is big hair. He lives in a cave. He eats meat. He has sharp nails. He has sharp hair, too!

My monster's name is Clawik. He is aggressive. He is orange, red and black. He is scary so people run from him. He eats big animals and people. If you are ever in the forest of Japan, watch out for the clawik!

My monster's name is Chranon. He has eleven eyes. He is blue and yellow.  He has 8 arms. He lives in the woods. He sleep[s under rocks. He eats flowers.

I am the Deathosaurus. I live on the tallest mountain where nothing can breathe. I look like your nightmare. I am scary because I will eat you!

My monster's name is Firehands. He is scary and 1000 feet tall! He doesn't
 have a shape but is black and red. He eats tree bark. He is scary because he has fire in his hand. 

My name is Mud Wars. 
He eats slop. He's not very scary. He's a pig and he lives on the woods.

My monster's name is Tweety Bird. She's a cool bird. She is big as a mermaid and her shape is like a mermaid's. She's colorful. She eats apples, carrots, and bananas. She lives in a tree and has a nest. She covers up with leaves. People aren't afraid of my monster because she doesn't fly down on them.  Since she lives in a tree, she has leaves to keep her warm. 
Be on the lookout for Tweety Bird!

He's as big as a school bus. He sleeps under a school.  He eats people and fish. HIs name is Godzilla. He is 12 feet tall and 7 feet wide.

My monster's name is Bat-a-Snail. He's afraid of water. He's big as a giant and has a heart shape. He is blue and black. He eats fish dog food, and mice. He keeps warm by going in the water for an hour. He sleeps in the bushes. People are afraid of him because he takes them in the water. Since he lives in a pile of bones, he's scary.
Watch out for Bat-a-Snail n New York!

My monster's name is Death Fire. He's as big as a building. He has different shapes on his body. He's black and red, He eats nasty stuff. My monster sleeps in the  fire to keep warm. He's very scary because he has sharp teeth. Since he lives in the woods he has animal clothes. 
Watch out for Death Fire in the woods!

My monster's name is Twitter Bird. She's ugly and old. It has wings, stick hands and feet and is 10 feet tall. He eats leaves and drinks blood. He stays cold by staying near cold water. He sleeps in a bag. My monster is not scary. He is a bird.

My monster lives in Atlantic Ocean.  My monster has spikes and numchucks.He is gold. He eats raw fish. He sleeps in a volcano. 

My monster is as big as a tower. He sleeps in the woods. He eats grass. He seems scary so everyone runs away from him. Watch out for Godzilla. 

My  monster's name is Bigsnilniponsatuasolas.
He looks like a Big Foot and a T Rex and a bat and a snail and a coon. He's as tall as a building. His color is black, blue and green. His shape is round. He eats meat and tree bark. He lives in the woods in the trees. He stays warm because of his fur. He's scary because he eats meat. He sleeps in a hole.

My monster is the bear snail. He lives in Texas. My monster is bigger than a shark. My monster has skin. He eats people and dragons. He sleeps in a cave.

My monster is the Mirdsnick. He is very very very very dangerous. He eats bones and people. He lives in the 36th and Main sewer. At daytime he takes a sewer bath in Doodoo and throw up. In the evening he has a snack giraffe and monkey hair and he drinks...wait! are you sure you want to know? blood!
Some people say he peeks out of sewer and grabs people who are wrecking people. When they come back they are nothing but bones.

My monster lies in the mountains. My monster s big. My monster has antlers. She's part frog, and part whale. She eats insects. She sleeps in a pond.

This monster is Garyanator. He eats schools and people and glass and nosy kids. He sleeps on blood and eats lava. This monster is 2,000,000 feet long.

My monster lives in the woods and is big. It has spikes It smells like rotting socks. My monster is black and eats squids. My monster sleeps underground.

My monster lives in California. My monster is small, has smooth skin and is the color purple. it has good good eyes. He eats sea shells, clams, and socks! My monster sleeps in a whirlwind. His name is Gobly Gob.

My monster lives in Texas. My monster is big. My monster has big legs and big eyes. He looks like a fish. He is pink and turquoise. He eats spider and snakes and people. He sleeps in your fireplace.

My monster lives in South Carolina. He is huge. He has huge hands and arms. His color is Carolina Blue and he is yellow. He eats schools, teachers and homework. 

My monster lives in the ocean. My monster is bigger than Big Foot. My monster has antlers and bat wings. He is the color of the ocean. He eats crabs and clams and homework. He sleeps on leftover homework in a cave.

My monster lives in New York.  My monster is bigger than a whale. My monster has big feet. He has stripes and polka dots. He eats grass and leaves and people. He sleeps in a cave.

My monster lives in the woods. My monster is big. My monster has a big head. He is black and brown. he eats nosy kids. He sleeps in a rocky cave.

My monster lives in a house. My monster is bigger than a whale. My monster has a snail body. He sleeps in a cave. He eats snail food. 

My monster lives in Alaska. He's big and has hard skin. His color is grey and he eats pebbles and plants. He sleeps under beds.

My monster is covered with fur and is a boy. He eats people an insects. My monster sleeps in the forest.

Scoy Shark
My monster lives in the water. My monster is bigger than a worm. My monster has skin. He's blue. He eats fish on the water.  He sleeps in the water.

My monster lives in the woods.His color is black and he has fur.. He eats people., My monster sleeps in a cave.

My monster lives in the Pacific. My monster us big, My monster has little eyes and a big tail and wings. He is red and blue. He eats whales and feet. He sleeps in water.

My monster lives in Montana. My monster is big and small and has scales. My monster is bigger than a New York house. My monster is striped. He eats fruit and fish.  My monster sleeps underground and in lakes.

My monster lives under the ground. My monster is tall. My monster has spikes. His color is yellow. He rolls under the hill.

It lives in the desert. He has polka dots. He eats food He sleeps in lacks.

My monster lives in a desert. He's big and has a fish tail. She's red and pink and green. She eats people and sand and fish. She sleeps down in the water. 

My monster lives in California. He is big. He is red. My monster has a big body. He eats fish, deer and people. He sleeps on the water.

My monster lives in the desert. My monster is big. My monster has spikes. She is pink and purple and ted and orange. She eats blood. She sleeps in a blood nest.

My monster lives in Texas. My monster is big, has big feet and big eyes. She looks like a big bug. She's pink and turquoise and black. She eats fish and bugs and socks. She sleeps on thorns.

My monster lives in the sea. My monster is as big as a person. My monster has big wings and a tail with gills. She is green and her wings are brown. She eats fish and fruit because she is a bat and a mermaid. She sleeps under the sea.

My monster is part pig, wolf and has wings like a butterfly. His head is pink. HIs tail is curly. His body is black. He is nice. he eats bugs. He lives in a cave.

My monster lives in Alaska. My monster is bigger than a whale. My monster has claws and scales and big feet. My monster is polka dotted. My monster eats dragons and plankton and eagles. My monster sleeps in a cave.

My Monster is nice. My monster is a clown, He's funny. You should never get him mad. He has  a knife and a bomb. He is like the Joker in the movie Batman.

My monster's name is Wolffairy. He looks like a fairy but has a wolf face. The monster is a girl. She only eats meat. My monster sleeps in the woods. My monster flies. She is 6 feet tall. She covers up in leaves. She will eat animals in front of people. She always has blood on her claws and teeth.

My monster's name is Cute Kitty. My monster lives in the park. My monster has short hair and is nice and sweet. My monster has clothes and weighs 72 pounds. My monster is tall. My monster has ears like a cat.

My monster is as big as a plane and weighs as much as air. He has wings, eyes and legs and a nose.My monster has a long spidey tail. He lives in the clouds. He eats trespassers. He changes color to blend in and changes color when in Different spots. . He's a dragon.  HIs name is Vexagon. My monster is evil, but not to my friends. 

My monster is the wooden warrior. He's about 8 feet tall and is as heavy as a truck. He has good eyesight. He's made of wood. He has no shelter. He blends in with his habitat. He is really smart and has a lot of senses. He has a weapon. He will protect his habitat with all his life. 

My monster is unknown by everyone but me. He is part human, part  goat, part reptile, and part bull. For all my life, I've searched for it, but, finally, this one last time I've seen it. It is the the last time he will live in the wood.
The end...or is it?

Mountain man ives in the mountains. He's 700 feet tall.

My monster is mean. He lives in the mountains. He eats people. He's 7 feet tall. He weighs 200 pounds. He has a sharp tail and teeth and sleeps n a nest.

My monster is evil. He kills and eats meat. He is a science project gone wrong. He is a cross between a robot and a ....

My monster is the color of a rainbow. My monster its nice. She is as tall as the bottom of a desk. She's 2 feet tall with wings. She has a nose like Voldemort and ears like a frog. She has fins like a frog.She lives on land and eats grass. She flies like a bird. She's a vegetarian and lives in the wood like a bear.

My monster is funny looking, but deadly. A junior monster of his kind weighs about 75 pounds, He has a huge mouth. Sometimes, the monster has one more than one mouth. but this is rare. He lives in forests. He had no nose. Leaves are his ears. He has 4 arms and huge wings, He eats anything plant like.

My monster is mean. She lives in the Big Apple. She eats power. The more, the bigger she gets. She's 10 feet tall. She weighs 800 pounds.

My monster's name is Skelitoe. He lives in the Atlantic Ocean. He is big, has spikes and numchuks. He is gold. He eats raw fish and sleeps in a volcano.

My monster is called Snackasoras. She's odd and scary. She's 8 feet long and as big as a school table and is blue and red. She eats trees, people, and books. She stays warm under a rock with people's bones. People think she is scary because she tries to eat people. Since she lives in the water, she eats only special people. Watch out for the Snackasoras if you are in New York!
PS She has spikes, too!