Monday, November 11, 2013

Break rules when writing a book! Did I just say that? I did. R.A. Spratt shows how, and how to do it well. I’ve been told there are three types of books. Character-driven, plot-driven and dystopian. The Many Adventures of Nanny Piggins doesn’t fit any of them. One, Nanny Piggins’ character doesn’t change, not a little bit. Suspense doesn’t build, and each chapter is the same. (They are all hilariously funny.) Nanny’s brought into the Green Household as an emergency nanny. Unlike Mary Poppin’s whose heart swells with love for the children, Nanny’s heart swells at the sight of chocolate. Luckily, her chocolate appetite serves the children well and leads them from one crazy scheme to another.
PS Dan Santat’s artwork make me laugh out loud.

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